Deploying a Traditional Printer to a Chromebook or Chrome Device using Google Cloud Print


Using Google Cloud Print to share a traditional printer with another Google user is fairly straight forward.  This process becomes more complex when you need to deploy a traditional printer to a machine rather than a user.  The steps below will help you connect traditional printers to your Google domain and give you the ability to deploy those printers to a machine or a group of machines.


Installing the Google Cloud Print Connector (assumes the printer is installed on a Windows computer or a Windows server)

  • If the installation/download fails, try installing the program in compatibility mode
    • You can also try modifying the proxy settings
  • Next, enter the username and password of an account in your Google domain that will be attached to the printers
    • For my installation I used a custom admin account that had the ability to manage Chrome OS device settings


Deploying the printer through the admin console

  • Log into your admin console with the same user you used in the previous section
  • Click on Device Management
  • Click on Chrome management
  • Click on Device Settings
  • Select the correct organizational unit on the left hand side of the window
  • Scroll down to Other
  • Click Manage in the Cloud Print section
  • Click Add next to a printer to share it
  • Click Save
  • Click Save again in the Device Settings window

Finally, sign into any of the machines in that organizational unit.  You should now see that printer as one of your print options in Google Chrome.


Author: psullivan18

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