Creating Buy-in when using Google Apps for Education

Encouraging teachers to move to anything new system can be a difficult and frustrating task.  This is especially true when migrating from a traditional Microsoft setting to a Google Apps for Education environment.  However there are a few guidelines and suggestions below that can help simplify the process and increase buy-in from your staff.

  1. Create support forms using Google Forms that can help teachers get the supplies and equipment they need efficiently
  2. Create tutorials and a FAQ section on a Google site that help answer common questions and concerns
  3. Show your teachers that Google Apps can be used from anywhere and pretty much any device
  4. Show your teachers how easy collaboration is using Google Apps
  5. Show your teachers how easy it is to go paperless with Google Classroom
  6. Remind your teachers that everything is always saved when using Google Apps
    1. You can even revert back to earlier versions of a document
  7. Finally, encourage your administration to solely use Google for emails and Agendas
    1. This is much simpler than requiring your teachers to check multiple emails and services

Author: psullivan18

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