Using Google Drive as a Digital Portfolio for Students

Having students build a digital portfolio throughout or at the end of the school year allows them to reflect upon their learning and grow as students.  I always wanted to do this as a Math teacher but never pursued it.  As with most traditional Math classrooms, students were mainly completing assignments on paper.  I now realize that even those assignments could be used as portfolio items using Google Drive’s scan and camera features.  The general process of creating digital portfolio’s using Drive is below.

  • Share a portfolio folder with students or have them create their own portfolio folder in Drive
    • Have students place exemplary Google Apps work in the folder
      • The revision history of each Drive document allows students and teachers to monitor and reflect upon their growth
    • Have students use the image capture feature on mobile devices and laptops to help students record their exemplary non-digital work
      • You can then place Drive in grid view at parent-teacher conferences so students can display their work
        • You can also provide links to the Drive portfolio folder so students can show their parents at home or even use their portfolio to apply fro scholarships or other schools

*Several of my colleagues have recommended that the teacher take time to create and share the portfolio folders with the students.  By doing so, the teacher can ensure all of the folders are named uniformly.

Author: psullivan18

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