3D Printing Activities in the Classroom



The following list of 3D printing ideas was created through extensive research and my own personal experiences with 3D Printing.

  • Create jewelry and 3D art
    • Allows students to discuss art concepts and styles
  • Recreate molecule structures in Chemistry class
    • Allows students to explore chemistry concepts in three dimensions
  • Print 3D models of historical artifacts (i.e. 3D printing a pyramid from Ancient Egypt)
    • Helps students visualize and reflect on historical events and ancient civilizations
  • Print 3D models of fossils and dinosaurs (i.e. 3D printing a Trex skull)
    • Helps students visualize what dinosaurs looked like
  • Print human organs or other organisms
    • Allows students to explore biological and medical concepts deeper that the 2D recreations found in textbooks and video
      • For example, students can 3D print a brain and mount the brain on a tri-fold board to help explain the different parts in more detail
        • Students can also 3D print a dissect-able frog to help explore biological concepts
  • Design a house in SketchUp and then 3D print
    • Explore the concepts of scale, perimeter, area, and coordinate graphing
  • Recreate a city (i.e. Researching a particular city and recreate the city using Tinkercad)
    • Forces students to use research skills and higher order thinking to recreate their own micro version of a particular city
  • Design a product that solves a real world issue or fills a void in the current market (i.e. An affordable water filter for third world countries, iPad stand)
    • Students can write concept proposals in literacy class
    • Students can research previous concepts and innovations in Social Studies
    • Students can develop their concept in Science and Math class (allows the teacher to discuss concepts of measurement, scale, materials etc.)

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