Virtual World Advice for Teachers



The following suggestions were taken from a variety of sources and from my person classroom experiences with virtual worlds.

  • act as a facilitator
    • students learn by doing
      • allow them to explore
  • create a welcome area or foyer to introduce new visitors to the virtual world
    • this area could house virtual world tutorials
    • this area could also host clothing and new avatars
  • create a sandbox where students can build
    • place tutorial videos in world near sandbox and in a general world
  • discuss virtual world citizenship
    • respect other avatars (bullying)
    • respect other people’s property
  • scaffold building activities
    • Start by having students add missing walls to a incomplete structure or house
      • This allows students to master duplicating and moving existing objects to complete a structure
    • Next, have them build their own structure or house
    • Finally, have them recreate a real world or historical object
  • explain the importance of having the students spread out their creations
    • this will avoid lag!
  • consider promoting experts student builders to coach positions
  • make sure the world is interactive and immersive
  • have students use their real names so it’s easier to identify structures


Author: psullivan18

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