Using the Firestorm Viewer with the Educational Version of SOAS


Sim-on-a-Stick (SOAS) the school version allows any educator or person to start their very own virtual world from a thumb drive. SOAS has the Imprudence viewer built right into the SOAS software package.

However if you really want to implement media-on-a-prim in your world, the Firestorm viewer is your best option.

Getting the Firestorm viewer to work with SOAS takes a bit of code editing.  This tutorial also assumes that you will be using the Firestorm viewer to access the virtual world from a separate computer than the SOAS server computer.

Making the world ready For outside access

1.  First, we need to find out the IP address of the computer that will be running SOAS.  To do so click on run in the start menu

2.  Next, type in cmd to launch the cmd window

3.  Next, type in ipconfig in the cmd window.  Note the IP Address


4.  Next , navigate to config-include inside your SOAS_EDU folder.  (SOAS_EDU>diva-r20232-b>>bin>>config-include)

5.  Open the MyWorld.ini file.  Replace all instances of  “” with your IP address from step 2. Save the file

a.  A simple way to do this is by using the find and replace function of the text editor or Wordpad program

6.  Next, do the same with the RegionConfig.ini inside the Regions folder. Replace all instances of  “” with your IP address from step 2. Save the file.  (SOAS_EDU>diva-r20232-b>>bin>>Regions).


Accessing Your SOAS world with the Firestorm viewer

1.  Download and install the Firestorm viewer for Opensim

2.  Open the Firestorm viewer and click on Viewer and then click on Preferences

3. Click on Opensim in the menu

4. Go up to Add new grid and type in the IP address on your SOAS server computer followed by the proper port.  i.e.

5. Click Apply.  You should now see “simonastick” in your grid list 🙂

6. To access the world, Just type in Simona Stick as the username and 123 as the password.  Last, select simonastick from the grid list



Author: psullivan18

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